Advanced Pre-Kindergarten Program

Full-Day Advance Pre-Kindergarten Program
(Ages 4 – 5 Years)

In today’s busy world may parents are working and unable to transport their children to and from preschool. Our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten program combines full day care with a Kindergarten Readiness curriculum. The focus of this classroom is to help children feel enthusiastic, confident, and well equipped for kindergarten. Teachers as facilitators, children are supported in exploring new situations through developmentally appropriate materials and activities that are both child and teacher initiated. Respect, independence and mastery in co-operation, communication and problem solving are some of the skills that your child will be learning. Our educators encourage critical and creative thinking by introducing lessons and materials that are based on the interests of the children, as curious minds are guided towards a better understanding of the world around them. Upon completion of this program your child will be a thoughtful and collaborative participant in the kindergarten classroom.


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