Out of School Care Program

Out of School Care Program
(Ages 5-10 Years)

Our year round After School Program provides transportation from Davidson Rd. Elementary and Peter Greer Elementary to our center during school days. We provide full day services during the summer break, winter break, spring break, professional development days and early dismissal days.

Programming from our enthusiastic team focuses on fostering respectful relationships with peers and working together to create friendships that allows everyone to embrace their uniqueness. Our large art room provides opportunity for children to engage in creative endeavors as they express their ideas through individual and group-initiated projects in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Our Learning Through Outdoor Adventure Program is not just for the summer but takes place throughout the year, from field trips to public libraries to nature hikes, sledding to public pools. These learning opportunities allow children to participate in problem-solving peer related challenges, learn to take personal responsibility for one’s belongings, learning how to be respectful in and of public property and most importantly, learning how to take care of the environment while enjoying the great outdoors!


Out of School 5 – 10 Years / Summer Care 5 – 10 Years / Full Day Rates 5 – 10 Years. Kindergarten Rates shown before and after child care fee reduction initiative given by the government. (ACCB also accepted)

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