Infant-Toddler Care Programs

Infant-Toddler One Program

New Beginnings’ Infant Toddler One Program provides an environment that fosters curiosity and exploration in our youngest children, while nurturing and building trusting relationships between child, educator, and family. We respect and appreciate the importance of your family rhythms and routines and strive to build a genuine connection with not only your child, but you as well, so that together we can support the unique needs of your child and your family. Healthy relationships combined with indoor/outdoor spaces that are designed with care to create opportunities for movement and exploration, in a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment will encourage the natural growth of confident and happy little learners.

Infant-Toddler Two Program

Our Toddler room is a safe, fun, and stimulating environment for your early learner. Here, children will engage in many first experiences as they come together with peers, materials, and educators to engage in activities that embrace all aspects of learning. Music and movement, creative art, language, and physical skills are all part of our inclusive, play-based curriculum. Research has proven that engagement during the early years is most important, and that fostering brain development during this time is the foundation to success later in life. Our educators are at the top of their game, providing guidance and opportunities to enhance skills that will allow your child to excel and progress at their own pace in a very busy and active environment. You just need to visit this classroom to see and feel the excitement and joy for life that each child expresses each day!


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