New Beginnings Montessori Inspired Program

Montessori Inspired Day Program
(Minimum Age 30 Months)

Minimum enrollment is required to run each program.

New Beginnings Early Years Center is proud to include a Montessori Inspired Program. This program offers an early learning environment with a shortened full day that follows the school district calendar. Our Montessori Program is based on the educational philosophies and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. Using scientific observation, Dr. Montessori designed learning materials and a classroom environment that fosters a child’s natural desire to learn and provides the freedom to allow children to choose their own materials. The Montessori philosophy promotes the exploration of one’s natural environment and encourages learning opportunities using natural products. This program supports children in developing increased independence and kindergarten readiness skills. It allows each child to follow the curriculum at their own pace while encouraging independence, collaboration, socialization, and respect, not only for themselves, but for the world around them. Respect and courtesy between teachers and children make up the foundation of our Montessori Program.

Led by an experienced Montessori Trained Guide (teacher), our team of professionally trained educators support this program from 8:15 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday. Limited spaces are available on a part-time basis either Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.


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